Support for Policymakers

Support for Policymakers

The public agrees that surprise medical bills should be a priority, and states and Congress have adopted comprehensive policy solutions. But these policies can be complex and some solutions have raised concerns among influential health care stakeholders, many of whom have strong financial interests at stake. Policymakers also need a dedicated, independent resource to turn to for unbiased and comprehensive legal and policy information on surprise medical bills.

The Center on Health Insurance Reforms (CHIR) is available to assist policymakers with proposals to address surprise medical bills. Our team includes experts on federal and state private health insurance who are highly experienced at providing technical assistance. We also monitor surprise medical bill legislation in all 50 states and DC, as well as before the U.S. Congress, giving us a deep understanding of laws across the country and the perspectives of key stakeholders. CHIR will work closely with leaders to provide legal and policy technical assistance and help identify policy solutions. This technical assistance is available free of charge to state and federal leaders, is not financially supported by any industry stakeholder, and is informed by CHIR’s goal of helping policymakers adopt comprehensive surprise medical bill protections for consumers.

CHIR experts are available to:

  • Participate on panels or speak at conferences about surprise medical bills;
  • Help policymakers understand key considerations, such as the scope of surprise medical bill protections, payment standards, and other regulatory issues;
  • Provide unbiased feedback on legal and policy questions and advise on federal and state-specific policy proposals;
  • Testify, as external experts, on surprise medical bill proposals or legislation; or
  • Share best practices and lessons learned across states.

We’re here to help!

CHIR experts are available to support policymakers and answer questions about surprise medical bills. Ready to get in touch? Contact the team with a specific question or a broader request for technical assistance. Our experts are available to review materials and consult on policy solutions.