Federal Efforts

Federal Efforts

Federal protections are critical to making sure that all patients in all states are protected from unexpected bills. There is bipartisan consensus that patients should not face unexpected bills when they receive services from a health care provider who is not in their health insurance network because of an emergency or reason outside of their control. Early analysis suggests that federal legislation could protect patients and save money for the federal government.


Tracking federal legislation. There have been a flurry of new federal proposals to protect patients from surprise medical bills. Although the goals are similar in these bills, the details vary. Read our updated analysis of these proposals for The Commonwealth Fund and check back as we watch these bills continue moving through Congress.

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Congressional resources. Want to track the latest movement in Congress or spend an afternoon getting up to speed on what’s happening on Capitol Hill? We are tracking these resources so you don’t have to—ranging from testimony to cost estimates to analysis of the various proposals. Visit our resources to find all that and much more.

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Considerations for policymakers.   Federal policymakers must grapple with key questions as Congress considers how to regulate surprise medical bills. For instance, will state laws remain in effect—or be displaced by a new federal law? What method of payment should be included—and what effect will it have on health care affordability and negotiations between insurance companies and health care providers? Check out these key issues that federal policymakers should consider when evaluating surprise medical bill laws.


Support for federal policymakers. Our experts are here to help federal policymakers understand and address surprise medical bills. We work closely with congressional leaders and staff to provide legal and policy technical assistance and help identify solutions that protect patients and help keep health insurance affordable.  Learn more about how we can help support your policy goals.